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Sunhillo Corporation is a mission-critical data interoperability expert, providing next generation technology for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Military, and worldwide civil aviation authorities.

Sunhillo Corporation is an employee owned and operated company located in West Berlin, NJ. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified company, we have built a solid reputation over a number of years in both the federal (e.g., the FAA) and commercial marketplaces developing highly reliable and quality data communication systems and services. Sunhillo specializes in interfacing legacy data communication and surveillance protocols to mainframe and distributed systems. Sunhillo manages all lifecycle aspects of surveillance and flight data distribution systems for the FAA, US Military, civil aviation authorities, and national defense organizations worldwide.

Where we are

Globally Deployed

Sunhillo’s FAA contracts (ADS-B, STARS, and more) have led our products to be deployed to over 250 FAA Facilities across the country.

Sunhillo’s products are deployed around the world to over 50 countries providing surveillance data distribution & conversion systems.

Global Solutions

We have the solution for ATC surveillance data challenges

Distribute, Convert, and Display surveillance data across multiple platforms.

Uni-directional highly secured data flow, 100% Hardware enforced

Decode and receive 1090MHz ADS‑B and 978MHz UAT

Track UAS aircraft, UAS ATC full integration, BVLOS solutions

Migrate your TDM lines to IP with the RICI 5000 Gateway

Sunhillo Products

Surveillance Data

Serial to IP, IP to Serial, IP only, Large Scale Distribution, ADS-B Receivers, M4I


RICI 5000 Gateway to migrate from TDM Leased Lines

UAS Products

UAS ATC Integration, Emergency Management, See & Avoid, Portable ADS-B kit

Communication Cards

Serial to IP, IP to Serial, PCI Express, Data Communications and Distribution

Surveillance Display

Situational Awareness Display, Display Radar & ADS-B

Surveillance Data Tools

ASTERIX WireShark Toolkit, Radar Track Generator, File Player


Proud partners to the FAA, successfully completing large scale services contracts

  • Large 32,000 sq ft facility
  • Successful past experience (ADS-B, ERAM, ERIDS)
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Training, Testing, Logistics
  • Project & Program Management
  • Systems, Software, & Hardware Engineering

  • Site Surveys
  • Installation
  • On-site training

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