Data Distribution System

Chassis based Surveillance Data Distribution System (DDS)

Track Cooperative UAS

Send UAS Tracks to Display

Situational Awareness

Display Manned & Unmanned Aircraft

Does Not Rely on ADS-B or Radar

Track without expensive equipment

See & Avoid Display for PIC

UAS Pilot and Mission Controller have the same Situational Awareness picture

Sunhillo’s Data Distribution System (DDS). The world of communications can be a challenging arena when there are multiple, dissimilar data sources that need to be controlled, monitored and routed. Sunhillo’s DDS Platform meets that challenge head-on providing a fully scalable, chassis-based data distribution system complete with protocol conversion. The DDS Platform draws together Sunhillo’s rich line of surveillance communication products and experience into one unified system. Coupled with the DDS Domain Controller (DDC), the distribution, control and monitoring responsibility of multiple, disparate data sources are centralized into one easy-to-use system. Our system provides communication engineers with scalable building blocks capable of transferring data in any combination – Serial-to-Serial, Serial-to-LAN, LAN-to-Serial or LAN-to-LAN. The intelligent endpoint technology distributes the communication and protocol conversion overhead, thus allowing the system to scale with the changing needs of the data center without sacrificing performance or functionality. ​ High Performance Architecture Built from deployment-proven surveillance data communication technology, DDS distributes the detail of a connection to the system into a collection of “endpoints” managed by the DDC. Utilizing all rack mountable components, there are two primary categories of endpoints that provide the bulk of the system functionality: IP Endpoints and Serial Endpoints. Each endpoint has the capacity to do a protocol conversion or re-transmit the data from the source.

High Performance Architecture

Built from deployment-proven surveillance data communication technology
Expandable to 3000 Serial Ports

24 Serial Ports per Longport Unit

6 Ethernet Ports

Distributing data feeds over UDP or TCP

Protocol Conversions

Serial-to-Serial, Serial-to-LAN, LAN-to-Serial or LAN-to-LAN

DDS Domain Controller

Manages the systems endpoints

SureLine Software Suite

The software suite that powers Sunhillo’s RICI, Longport, Margate II ADS‑B, Ventnor, and Brigantine series products continues to provide the extensive feature-set, high-level performance, and full access to each product’s respective hardware interfaces that you’ve come to expect from Sunhillo.

For the full set of radar protocol conversions and supported plug‑ins please follow the SureLine link.



Sunhillo’s DDS is currently deployed to the US Navy Joint Operations in the Caribbean tracking drug smugglers and other criminals

Display Radar Data

Display both manned and unmanned traffic on our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

Related Products

Radar & ADS-B Monitoring System (RAMS)
The 2U Radar & ADS-B Monitoring System (RAMS) Tactical Kit combines Sunhillo’s proven and deployed Margate II ADS-B Receiver and Antenna with the RICI 5000 and Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) and packages the system into a portable tactical kit. The RAMS tactical kit provides Situational Awareness and real time tracking of all aircraft.
Surveillance Gateway Processor
Sunhillo’s Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP) is a dedicated 1U communication platform running Sunhillo’s SureLine® software and is designed to address the increasing requirements of new IP based systems for LAN to LAN surveillance sensor data formatting, content filtering, and protocol conversions.
Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion Platform
Sunhillo’s Longport platform is a robust, versatile and modular system designed for surveillance sensor data distribution and message conversions.
Accepts and decodes 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B and TIS-B.
Sunhillo’s Longport platform is a robust, versatile and modular system designed for Surveillance Sensor Data Distribution and message conversions and now with the addition of the ADS-B Receiver module it accepts and decodes 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B and TIS-B.
Process Mode 4 Interrogation
Sunhillo's M4I Module accepts interrogation synchronously from a single 25 pin serial interface and in the form of UDP packets from dual Ethernet interfaces. Interrogation requests can arrive in any order from either interface type.
Compact ADS-B Receiver
Packaged in a small form factor, and versatile design, The Margate II ADS-B Receiver accepts and decodes 978MHz UAT and 1090MHz ADS-B.

Sunhillo Solutions

Providing surveillance data distribution and conversion solutions to the FAA, DOD, and civil aviation authorities worldwide since 1991

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