Longport Express

Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion
The Longport Express is an intelligent PCI Express serial communications adapter providing highly configurable hardware functionality and an open software development platform. Sunhillo’s Longport Express serial communications adapter is the latest in a series of proven FAA-deployed Longport hardware and software products. The Longport Express is a premium interface board compatible with standard X1, X4, X8, and X16, PCI Express slots. A single breakout cable from the high speed 160 pin connector adds eight DB25 serial ports. The Longport Express’s architecture features a Freescale PowerPC P1012 processor, QUICC Engine, and four FPGA-based Z85230 UARTs with hardware-assisted 13-bit synchronous input streaming for receiving CD-2 RADAR and similar surveillance data protocols. This powerful architecture works in harmony to provide high speed serial communications with minimal impact on the host system’s CPU load. Each of the eight serial ports is individually configurable to a wide range of controls and both standard and non-standard baud rates. In RS-485 mode, the Longport Express provides automatic control of the driver in hardware, eliminating the need for application software control. This allows the Longport Express to be used with standard serial communications applications, removing any risk of bus contention or data corruption. Further, as is critical to optimal multi-drop communication, RS-485 network termination can be selectively added via DIP-switches. In addition, Sunhillo provides APIs, device drivers, tools, and documentation to make the transition from older ICA/SCA 64-based boards to the Longport Express as seamless as possible.

PCI Express Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion

Sunhillo ICA/SCA64 Replacement Card
Freescale PowerPC P1012 processor, QUICC Engine

Powerful, High Speed processor

8 Serial Ports

Supports many Radar data protocols (ASTERIX, CD2, etc)

MPS WAN Software

The MPS WAN Software suite of protocols provides all the critical pieces required for timely application development. The suite provides a wide range of WAN protocols and radar formats that are supported on Sunhillo’s line of high-performance blades, servers, and data acquisition and distribution systems. This powerful combination of software and hardware allows System Integrators to create flexible and efficient sensor/radar data distribution and acquisition solutions. Software products are offered as a suite allowing the developer to choose the package or combination of packages that they require for their particular application. Developers will be provided with a well-documented and powerful API to assist them in their solution development process.


Longport Express Front Panel


The Longport Express is currently deployed to the FAA and industry partners.

Display Radar Data

Display both manned and unmanned traffic on our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

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Sunhillo Solutions

Providing surveillance data distribution and conversion solutions to the FAA, DOD, and civil aviation authorities worldwide since 1991

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