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Sunhillo is a proud partner to the FAA

Expertise Across All Functional Areas
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Engineering Services

– Software Engineering
– Hardware Engineering
– Systems Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
– Engineering Support Services
– Formal Qualification Tests (FQT)
– Validation & Verification

Rack Integration

Sunhillo is qualified and experienced in Rack Integration contracts. We have successfully integrated and deployed hundreds of racks on FAA critical contracts including ERAM and ADS-B Service Delivery Point (SDP) racks.

Site Services

Sunhillo Site Services team is highly experienced having just successfully completed over 130 Site Surveys and Site Installations for the ADS-B Service Delivery Point (SDP) racks across the country. Our team worked with the ITT/Exelis ADS-B team on-site at TRACONS, ARTCC’s and Airports throughout the US and Caribbean.

Trusted, Reliable, Professional

Sunhillo has the experience to support major FAA Service Programs including the En Route and Oceanic Support Services (EOSS) contract with over 200 people located at the FAA WJHTC. Sunhillo performed Rack Integration, Site Surveys, and Installations for the FAA ADS-B Program for all SDP racks.

Services Past Performance

  • EOSS – En Route & Oceanic Support Services (WJHTC)
  • Lab Support Services (LSS) (WJHTC)
  • ADS-B Service Delivery Point (SDP) –  Rack Integration
  • ADS-B SDP – Site Survey, Installation, Decommision
  • ERIDS – Rack Integration
  • ERAM – Rack Integration
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