Ventnor Concentrator

TDM to IP Gateway

TDM to IP Gateway

Shining light on the TDM Sunset
Compact 1U design

Rack mountable

Front Panel LED

Status lights

16 Rear DB25 serial ports

Connect directly to the rear ports

Dual rear panel Gigabit Ethernet ports

High Speed Connections


User Configurable conversion options:

SAI (Async) <–> CMHP
790 (HDLC) <–> CMHP
SAI (Async) <–> ActiveMQ
790 (HDLC) <–> ActiveMQ
SAI (Async) <–> SWIM
790 (HDLC) <–> SWIM

RICI 5000 Gateway/Ventnor Concentrator CONOPS

SureLine Software Suite

The software suite that powers Sunhillo’s RICI, Longport, Margate II ADS‑B, Ventnor, and Brigantine series products continues to provide the extensive feature-set, high-level performance, and full access to each product’s respective hardware interfaces that you’ve come to expect from Sunhillo.

For the full set of radar protocol conversions and supported plug‑ins please follow the SureLine link.



The Ventnor Concentrator is the ideal solution for companies eliminating their leased TDM lines.

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