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LITE interface
As part of the TDM to IP initiative, there has been a move to transition serial communication circuits to IP circuits. Sunhillo’s Legacy Interface Test Equipment (LITE) has been specifically designed to provide a platform for testing FAA Legacy serial interfaces and providing an environment to help in the transition from TDM to IP. The LITE is a fully configurable simulation tool. The LITE application runs on a Linux host. The application utilizes the IP interface(s) of that host and provides access to the serial interfaces through the Sunhillo family of communication devices, using the Sunhillo Multi-Protocol-Server (MPS)-API LAN based interface, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Common Message Handling Protocol (CMHP) to external systems.

LITE Details

LITE with Sunhillo RICI 5000 Surviellance Data Distribution & Conversion Unit
LITE tests the RICI 5000 Gateway protocol interfaces either locally or remotely across a network. The LITE test suite uses a RICI 5000 Gateway as the serial interface

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