Four Port Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter
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The PCE335 Intelligent Synchronous Serial Communications Adapter provides four high-performance synchronous serial ports for connectivity. The adapter is ideally suited for use within radar servers, high-speed modems, and other high-speed communications devices. The PCE335 is part of Sunhillo’s industry-leading Protocol Software and connectivity solutions. Hardware Features: The PCE335 is designed as a fully programmable communications subsystem capable of sustaining high data rates for a variety of protocols used in synchronous data communications. The PCE335 architecture capitalizes on the intelligence of the Freescale™ MPC8270 Quad Integrated Communications Controller (PowerQUICC® II), enabling it to act as a specialized communications controller. The PCE335 adapter enhances overall system performance by using its on-board intelligence and 128 MB of SDRAM array to handle much of the low-level communications that typically burden the host system, and relegates most of the serial I/O communication-related processing to the PCE335. In addition, the SDRAM eliminates start-up delays associated with application download wait times by enabling the code to be executed directly on-board. Protocol Solution Software Support: With a well-defined application programming interface (API), Sunhillo’s integrated protocol suite reduces time-to-market by eliminating unnecessary development time at the hardware/protocol level. The protocols for Sunhillo’s products enable development engineers to proceed directly to integration and application development efforts. A comprehensive suite of communications protocols provides complete connectivity solutions for Radar, TADIL-B, HDLC and X.25. Operating system support includes Linux®, Windows®, and Solaris™.

Highly Deployed Around the World

Sustained High Data Rates for a variety of radar protocols
128 MB Dedicated Processor DRAM Memory

High Speed Processor

Low-Profile and Full-Height Faceplate available

Adaptable for multiple size card slots

MPS WAN Software

The MPS WAN Software suite of protocols provides all the critical pieces required for timely application development. The suite provides a wide range of WAN protocols and radar formats that are supported on Sunhillo’s line of high-performance blades, servers, and data acquisition and distribution systems. This powerful combination of software and hardware allows System Integrators to create flexible and efficient sensor/radar data distribution and acquisition solutions. Software products are offered as a suite allowing the developer to choose the package or combination of packages that they require for their particular application. Developers will be provided with a well-documented and powerful API to assist them in their solution development process.


PCE335 Front Panel


The PCE335 card has been distributed across the world to ANSP’s and global Defense organizations.

Display Radar Data

Display both manned and unmanned traffic on our Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)

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This product has been declared End of Life
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Providing surveillance data distribution and conversion solutions to the FAA, DOD, and civil aviation authorities worldwide since 1991

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