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UAS Tracking, Situational Awareness, Voice Communications

Sunhillo UAS-C UAS Integration Solution

The UAS‑C can track UAV’s of all sizes without the use of Radar or ADS‑B.  The UAS‑C connects to the UAS ground control system (GCS) and converts the positional data from the UAS into a radar or an ADS‑B message using our proprietary software.  This message can then be sent to ATC or a local command center and displayed with other radar and ADS‑B targets for situational awareness. Our solution addresses the three primary challenges for UAS integration; UAS Tracking, Situational Awareness, and Voice Communications. 

UAS Tracking

Tracking of UAV‘s does not rely on Radar or ADS‑B. By connecting to the UAS ground control system (GCS), Sunhillo’s UAS‑C converts the positional data that is already being sent from the UAS to the GCS into a radar or ADS‑B message using our proprietary software. This message can then be sent to ATC or a local command center and displayed with other radar and ADS‑B targets for situational awareness. UAS‑C can be used remotely via LTE or directly connected via Ethernet.

UAS Situational Awareness

Both manned and unmanned aircraft pilots hear party line radio communications and have a ubiquitous visual situational awareness picture. The UAS‑C also provides the pilot with a See and Avoid display showing all aircraft (via Radar and ADS‑B) in the immediate area as well as sending the location of your UAV to ATC or the local command center.
surveillance monitoring system screenshot

UAS Voice Communications

Air Traffic Controllers / Command centers can talk ground to ground to UAS pilots without relaying through the UAS vehicle radios via our partner company’s deployed VOIP technology based on FAA equipment. The correct radio frequency is determined by the UAS‑C based on the location of the UAV. Communication via the party-line for local area.

Use Case Scenarios

Sunhillo’s UAS Products cover a wide variety of UAS Solutions.  By providing UAS tracking of any size aircraft up to any altitude we can provide situational awareness to any environment including a UAS Test Site, ATC Towers, or small volume operations.  When combined with our ADS‑B Receivers and radar data distribution products we can deliver situational awareness of all aircraft in the vicinity, manned or unmanned.

The UAS-Connector (UAS‑C) is the key piece to track the UAV’s and convert the radar message into a format the FAA or ATC is used to accepting. This can be used to bridge UTM Systems traveling in to controlled airspace and transitioning into ATC operations.

The Air Boss solution is ideal for Emergency Management operations. Using the UAS‑C we can track all operations and multiple UAV’s, Helicopters, or aircraft that may be operating in the locations.  Having one Air Boss managing the Emergency Airspace provides safe situational awareness for all operators.

Sunhillo UAS Past Performance

Sunhillo has participated in UAS operations for over 5 years and is a key innovator involved with the UAS initiative.  Sunhillo was an original member of the FAA’s Mid Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP) led by Virginia Tech performing operational testing supporting the FAA and NASA.

As a member of the MAAP team, Sunhillo has successfully completed NASA’s UAS Task Orders 1, 2, & 4.

Sunhillo Products for UAS Solutions

Accepts and decodes 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B and TIS-B.
Sunhillo’s Longport platform is a robust, versatile and modular system designed for Surveillance Sensor Data Distribution and message conversions and now with the addition of the ADS-B Receiver module it accepts and decodes 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS-B and TIS-B.
UAS ATC Integration/ BVLOS Surveillance Solution
The UAS-C securely integrates with existing ATC Surveillance Systems to support ALL UAV operations flying Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) including flying in or through Controlled airspace regardless of size or altitude.
Compact ADS-B Receiver
Packaged in a small form factor, and versatile design, The Margate II ADS-B Receiver accepts and decodes 978MHz UAT and 1090MHz ADS-B.
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