Sunhillo Policies

Information Security Policy

Company Activities & Type of Product/Service: At Sunhillo, we design, build, assemble, test, deploy and support surveillance and flight data distribution products and services for commercial and military applications.

In order to become the globally recognized leader and expand markets and capabilities in surveillance, flight and data distribution systems, Sunhillo has implemented a compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure the following:

  • Maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity of data and Availability of information
  • Commit to satisfy all applicable requirements related to information security
  • Mandate from leadership to all employees to stress the importance of ISMS principles which are integrated into standard organization processes
  • Ensure employee awareness of information security risks & opportunities which are reviewed on a periodic basis
  • Establish pertinent security objectives to demonstrate the efficiency of ISMS controls and update goals as needed
  • Continually improve ISMS based upon audit results, external and internal issues to maintain its effectiveness and ensure compliance
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