End of Life Notices

End of Life Notice:
Windows 7 Support for Surveillance Monitoring System Software

SUN3045, Revision 1.0, Released December 22, 2023

With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows 7, this is notification of the end of Windows 7 Support for Surveillance Monitoring System Software. Please note this is NOT an end of life for the Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS), just an end of life for Windows 7 support.

Affected Products

Customers who purchased one of the products in the table below, running on Windows 7, will be affected by the withdrawal of support.

Part IDDescription
130078Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)
130088Surveillance Monitoring System Excluding SGP
130083 Surveillance Monitoring System with Single-Sensor Tracker Plug-in and Multi-Track Fuser Plug-in Software License.

Lifecycle Dates

As Sunhillo does not currently sell the above product with Windows 7, there will be no last order date. As Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and Sunhillo has no customers on an active support contract, end of support will be from the date of this notice.

The table below provides a summary of the lifecycle dates for the Affected Products.

End of Life DateDecember 22, 2023
Last Order Daten/a
Last Ship Daten/a
End of Support DateDecember 22, 2023

Replacement Products

As the SMS product is not being discontinued, there is no replacement product. However, Sunhillo has launched it’s next generation SMS, hosted on Windows 11, with the following part numbers.

Part IDDescription
061-SMS-SA002Base Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)
Note: Excludes Brigantine-SGP
061-SMS-SA003Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)
Note: Includes Brigantine-SGP
061-SMS-SA004Ultimate Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS)
Note: Includes Brigantine-SGP w/COM Express plus:
  • Single Sensor Tracker and Multi-Track Fuser Plug-Ins
  • Insight Plug-In
  • TFMD Plug-In
  • Record and Playback

Users wishing to upgrade to the latest generation of SMS should contact sales@sunhillo.com.

More Information

For more information, or if you have any questions, please visit our website, www.sunhillo.com, or contact your local sales representative.

A PDF version of this notice can be downloaded here.

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