ADS-B Receiver Solutions

Sunhillo’s ADS‑B  Solution receives and decodes 1090MHz and 978MHz ADS‑B in a compact platform.  Our ADS‑B receiver platforms, the Longport and Margate II, were developed to exceed the DO260B standard for mission-critical ADS‑B data.  Our solution is currently in use by the US DOD, FAA UAS Test Site, and industry partners.

Use Case Scenarios

Sunhillo's ADS-B Past Performance

Sunhillo’ ADS‑B Receivers are currently deployed across the country to the US Navy, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marines, US Army, MAAP FAA UAS Test Site, and industry partners across the country.  They are used for situational awareness, military test ranges, radar validation, and testing.  Currently there is an ADS‑B Receiver with display in the lobby of the National Aviation Research & Technology Park (NARTP) next to the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center in NJ.

Sunhillo was also a partner for the FAA’s ADS‑B program for the Service Delivery Points (SDP) where we performed Rack Integration, Site Surveys, Installation, Decommissions, and provided Sunhillo RICI’s to over 250 FAA sites.

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