SureLine Update Increases Throughput 10-Fold

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Enhancements made to SureLine®, the application that powers Sunhillo’s radar data processing units, have resulted in significant increases in throughput.  For the Brigantine Surveillance Gateway Processor (SGP), this results in a 10-fold increase in throughput when converting between radar formats.  The latest generation of the RICI, Longport and Ventnor, Model 6000 series has almost tripled the throughput of the previous generation for straight LAN to LAN distribution and over six times the throughput with conversion.  These improvements will give Sunhillo the option to introduce additional features that would previously not have been possible.

The latest throughput figures are available on the SureLine page of Sunhillo’s website at

The enhancements, making the increase in throughput possible, center around better use of multi-threading and were introduced in SureLine 8.10.  These performance improvements follow on from recent significant additions to SureLine, such as the ASTERIX Data Modifier and ASTERIX Validator (see

Users with a unit under warranty, or an active maintenance contract, can access the latest version of SureLine by downloading it from the Sunhillo support portal at and updating the unit.  Users without a warranty or maintenance contract, and wishing to take advantage of the update, should contact for assistance in putting their units under a maintenance contract.


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